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Professional Skin Care by REPECHAGE


T. Marie Salons is offering customized facials.  This remarkable line uses seaweed based products that benefit a variety of skin care conditions all designed to hydrate, rebalance and purify.

Classic European- (all skin types)

Cleanses, tones and moisturizes skin with the ancient botanical, St. John’s Wort along with a blend of Green and White Teas that prevent free radical damage. Perfect to hydrate and purify while balancing skin tone.


Hydradew (normal to dry)

Provides moisture and gives skin a Virtual Lift. This seaweed configuration includes Waterlily, Palmitoyl Proline, and Willow Herb Extracts along with Sunflower, Sesame and Almonds that work to create a brighter appearance while diminishing hyper-pigmentation for a more even complexion.


Hydra 4 (sensitive)

Calms, soothes, and protects stressed-out complexions while decreasing skin sensitivity. Olive Oil and Olive Leaf extracts provide superior anti-oxidant protection at the same time nourishing seaweed trains the skin to be less sensitive and builds resistance to external factors.

Seaweed Mask (all skin types)

A soothing massage with revitalizing C-Serum followed by a fresh seaweed mask. This service provides hydration and improves skin tone and clarity and firms the skin. Perfect alone but can be paired with an exfoliating treatment such as a Glycolic Peel. Allure Magazine – this is a spa favorite.


Vita Cura – Firming Facial provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin. Specifically designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin. An Enzymatic Micropeel helps uncover a vibrant complexion. Offers two massages and a cool Spirulina Seaweed Mask with clinically proven bio-mimetic Pentapeptide firm and smooth skin. With Vita Cura Opti Lift Serum, you’ll receive immediate and visible results. Long term benefits include improved elasticity, oxygenation and cell renewal.


*All photos are courtesy of Sarkli/Repechage Ltd.